• Where it all started

    Beginning in 2013, Will made his first appearance in Jr Novice with QMA in Taylorville, IL. He would finish third in his first event, and go on two win many races in the Jr Novice, Jr Animal, and Jr Honda divisions. After taking a break from racing, Will got back in a cage cart at Ealeyville Speedway, where he would win his first ever race in Box Stock. Shortly after moving into the 250cc class, Will had accumulated 18 wins in two seasons in the cage cart. Moving into a D2 midget for Johnson Farms Racing, Will has quick success. Picking up two wins mid-way through his first season, and going on to finish second in the points championship for IMRA. After a quick trial in a 305 Winged Sprint Car, Will's father wanted to build a true race team, a dream of his own. In 2022, Will made his first laps behind a 410 Winged Sprint Car. With many first year obstacles, engine issues, and inexperience, Will was able to finish on the podium in two appearances in just thirteen starts. Looking at 2023, Will shifted his mindset and looked at what was needed to operate at an adequate level. With car chief Brad Campbell coming on full-time, Will was able to spend more time time studying as a driver at the track. The relationship would produce five podiums, six top-five's, and eleven top-ten's, and a championship contention in the 2023 season, and looking for more in 2024.

  • Where it is at

    Looking at the 2024 season, there is unmatchable motivation. Following a consistent season of running up front and falling short of his first two wins in the 410 by inches, Will is determined to take his team to victory lane in 2024. Bringing back Brad Campbell as car chief, the bond between the two has only grown more compatible. Campbell states, "Last year we showed everyone that we can build a competitive team, but this season we are looking to put it all together with one goal in mind, win races". With a 46 race schedule on the books this year, the team is looking to build experience at unfamiliar tracks such as the Knoxville Raceway, along with finding success at venues the pair has seen. There won't be anything that comes easy this season for the 7A, but the team is ready to prove themselves come April 5th.

  • Where it is going

    With focus on the building a successful professional race team, Will Armitage Racing's goal is to pursue the national level in the coming years. Bringing on motivated partners in the recent years has made this goal possible, and building new suitable partnerships will only better this opportunity. Will has dedicated his time to creating a race team that does more than offer signage, and by expanding marketing sectors he believes he will continue to chip away at his dreams. With the goal of national level racing in sight, WAR is dedicated to pursuing all partner interest that comes their way. You can join their team by contacting them today!

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